With an Angular (Brock “Fuel-Saver”) Turbulator, You Use up to 3-5% Less Energy to do the Same Job

How an Angular Turbulator Works:

Angular “Brock” Turbulators are small devices, made of metal strip, that are designed to sit within tubes. As gas or fluid flows past them, the nuanced geometry of the turbulator disperses the gas/fluid and forces it to mix, that is, add turbulence. Dispersal also causes the gas/fluid to transfer more of its energy to the tube wall.

Function:  Angular turbulators serve to improve heat transfer efficiency in firetube boilers and other similar heat exchange equipment.

Material: Typically carbon steel, aluminized steel and various grades of stainless steel

Maximum Temperature: Dependent Upon Material Choice

Minimum Tube Outside Diameter: 1 inch

Maximum Tube Outside Diameter: 36 inch

Minimum/Maximum Length: Unlimited

Additional Services: JIT (Just In Time) Delivery, Fuel Efficiency will make and warehouse for next day shipment

Typical Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks; depending upon material availability and production schedule


The Angular Turbulator is primarily used in applications where there are gases inside the tubes or flue passes of boilers, and other types of heat exchange equipment.

  • Firetube Boilers
  • Cast Iron Sectional Boilers
  • Radiant Heaters
  • Vertical Tube Boilers


Angular Turbulators are shipped ready to install and require minimal boiler/burner modifications. The average installation takes one to four hours. In many cases there’s no downtime or loss of heat or steam pressure.


If we do not meet our agreed upon specifications, we will replace your turbulators for free!


Turbulators are custom made and available in a variety of configurations to fit most tube sizes and many types of heat exchange equipment.


Call us today to discuss your requirements and see if you qualify to get free parts for testing. Nobody beats our service: (800) 448-9794.


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