Turbulators are designed to create and maintain turbulent flow and help to increase the tube-side heat transfer efficiency. A turbulator is a device which is inserted on the tube side of firetube boilers, shell & tube heat exchangers and other types of heat transfer equipment.

  • Won’t harm boilers or heat exchangers

  • Eliminates laminar flow and promotes turbulence

  • Increases heat transfer efficiency

  • Cost Effective

A turbulator breaks up, slows down and redirects the straight line or laminar core of liquids or gas (whichever the case may be) and helps to increase heat transfer efficiency. In fact, a turbulator will allow you to do the same job using less energy.


Our Turbulators are not “one-size-fits-all” solutions. They are custom-made for every application.  Turbulators are available in a variety of configurations to fit most tube sizes and many types of heat exchange equipment:

Angular Turbulators

The Angular (or Brock) Turbulator is primarily used in applications where there are gases inside the tubes or flue passes of boilers, and other types of heat exchange equipment.

Coiled Rod Turbulators

Coiled Rod Turbulators offer another way to increase heat transfer efficiency in tubular heat exchange equipment. Like the Angular Turbulator, the Coiled Rod Turbulator is normally used in gaseous applications.

Twisted Tape Turbulators

As the name implies, the Twisted Tape Turbulator is formed in a helical fashion and is typically used in shell & tube heat exchanger applications where there are fluids inside the tubes.

Process Turbulators

Process Turbulators improve the efficiency and extend the life of your Line Heaters, Dehydration Units, Water Bath Heaters, Reboilers, Tube Type Heat Exchangers  Immersion/Vat Heaters… and other process heaters.


Need custom geometry or custom materials? No problem. We do that every day. We offer a wide range of customization options available in any length to meet your requirements and can meet just about any manufacturer specifications. Contact us to discuss your requirements and see if you qualify to get free parts for testing.

Our service representatives are standing by M-F 8AM-4:30 PM EST.: (800) 448-9794.


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