UltraScale-Away non-hazardous descaler effectively and safely cleans your equipment, saves money, improves efficiency, and can extend the life of boilers, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and other water operated equipment. Make it part of your preventative maintenance program.

Effective, Non-hazardous, Biodegradable & Economical

When boilers and water-operated equipment develop mineral deposits, performance can suffer dramatically. UltraScale-Away effectively eliminates water scale, lime, and rust deposits. Just one gallon of UltraScale-Away will dissolve two pounds of lime to keep equipment running at peak performance, and can even extend the life of the equipment with a regular preventative maintenance program.

How it Works

Fast acting Ultrascale-Away thoroughly cleans your equipment in a matter of hours. The easy-to-use pre-mixed solution can be handled by regular personnel, no specialized cleaning crew is necessary.

  • Safe and effective without the health and safety risks associated with acids

  • Dissolves approximately 2 pounds of  lime per gallon

  • Will not pit, oxidize or adversely affect iron, stainless steel, stain

  • Does not fall under any of  the seven federally designated classes of  hazardous waste

  • A cost-effective cleaning solution that helps extend equipment life and increases efficiency


UltraScale-Away descaler is the fast, economical
and sensible solution to your rust, lime and water scale problems.


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